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Our Story

Josh & Jill Ministries



As a ministry couple we tackle the challenges and circumstances of life together. We believe beyond measure that God has called us in these days to be a source of truth and direction for others, as well as encourager's along life's journey. We accomplish these things by simply preaching the truth in God's Word.

We love to preach, and it seems now more than ever God's truth is needed among us. We preach with energy and passion, sharing the message that God is speaking to His people backed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We also really enjoy sound Biblical teaching, as it is the greatest tool for developing disciples. We thrive on discipleship.

We have learned that seeing others growing and developing godly wisdom and skills is a full reward in ministry life and God has blessed us. At times we all need to be lifted up and have someone bring us back to God's perspective and purpose for our daily lives. One last thing that really completes us is humor. We love to laugh and share the joy of God with others. We believe one of God's greatest gifts to mankind is laughter. In summary, we love people and want to help everyone we can live life as Jesus would say, “abundantly!”